Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids by Laura Markham

book notes parenting May 08, 2019

3 Big Ideas:

  1. Regulating Yourself: loosen the bonds in which you put on yourself & child.
  2. Fostering Connection: work towards being connected, nurturing is powerful.
  3. Coaching not Controlling: support with scaffolding.

Managing ourselves: Parenting is not about what our child does but rather how we respond. Use times when your buttons are pushed to reflect not just respond. Adult presence has a much larger impact than yelling or disciplining ever could.

Emotion coaching: Instead of punishment, force, control, manipulation.

Embrace Mastery: Give them everything you can so that they can grow their own seeds, build a scaffolding but don’t actually build the house for them-let them do it. 

Children have a way of triggering your own neuroses: Hard part is managing your own emotional triggers, regardless of your child’s own unique difficulties you must work on yourself first. Our own childhood traumas can be projected onto your own children, be aware of this.


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The Formula by Albert Laszlo Barabasi

1. Performance drives success, but when performance is immeasurable, networks determine success.

Being so good they can’t ignore you will always drive your success, but it is important to realize that if there is no measurable barometer to see how your performance is superior than others it will be all about the networks you are in. Again, it boils down to connecting yourself to the right places and people.

2. Performance is bounded, but success is unbounded.

Pursuit of perfection (mastery) is crucial, but success has no limit. The difference between being #1 and #2 is astronomical. Pursuit of excellence is crucial, but after a certain plateau you will only improve incrementally over the long term.

3. Fitness x Previous Success = Future Success.

Keep showing up, because success can self-generate more success, if you win you can keep winning. Success compounds itself. Generate winning and success in your life.

4. While team success requires diversity and balance, a single...

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The Dip by Seth Godin

To encapsulate the book you basically have a few choices as it pertains to pushing through on a given task, objective, purpose, or endeavor. Also, the advice you hear sometimes about how Winners never quit is completely false-the key is that Winners know when to quit and when not to quit.

First Choice: Keep pushing through the plateau because on the other side is gold, you have realized that this is actually a Dip-the place where most people quit which leads me to the next point.

Second Choice: You stop pushing, and quit before the fruits of your labor have come to fruition. (This is the majority, they quit before they breakthrough.)

Third Choice: It is not a dip, but in fact it is a cul de sac where people continually go in circles never making ground, never really getting to where they want to go, and have not realized that it is essentially a dead end in which case the smartest thing to do is stop and reorient yourself.  

Fourth Choice: The Cliff, this is where...

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Becoming Super Natural by Joe Dispenza

book notes spirituality Apr 08, 2019


Becoming Supernatural Notes

  1. The place to start from is the present moment, all manifestation is created in the now. If you are thinking about something in the future or about your past especially when it is attached with a lower vibration emotion/thought/feeling you will not be able to create your reality. Consciousness is the meta tool, that gets you where you need to go. Consciousness is being in the now.
  2. Mental Imagery (Envisioning) is extremely powerful. We can change mind and body with thought alone. He talks about how just rehearsing repetitions in whatever is you set out to do is the equivalent of actually physically doing it. Not only does mentally rehearsing change your mind it also changes your body as if you were actually doing the action ie: Mental imagery of you lifting weights increases testosterone.
  3. The Quantum Field: You have to enter as a no one, leaving behind the material, physical, 3D world, because everything that you want is the invisible quantum field....
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