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Hey my name is Rich Villazon and this is my Story. I grew up in Miami, Fl. And at around age 18 after I graduated high school I didn’t know where to go where I was at, who I was, I didn’t know myself, I didn’t accept myself, and I didn’t love myself. Society said just go to school and get a degree-I tried it and I failed miserably.

The only option (or so I thought) for me at that time was to join the Military, and so I chose the U.S. Marine Corps-and I didn’t just pick the Marines I chose the Infantry.

In retrospect this was me trying to find my way in the world it was where I was at developmentally and was the start of my hero’s journey. I was trying to fight external battles because I was burying my own internal battles within. I was a boy trapped in a Mans body. 

I learned structure, discipline, honor, courage, loyalty, and commitment and belonging to something (in my mind at the time) greater than myself. 

I deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for about a total of 1 year, and after 4 years of service I decided to get out and start a new journey and reentered into the civilian World.

The same feelings when I left to join the Military sudden reappeared once I got out of the Military. I was feeling empty and didn’t know where I was going. I was continually hitting my head against the wall-the same dysfunctions kept showing up in my life over and over again.

I was trying to act and pretend like my life was as solid as it gets, putting on this outer shell of perfection meanwhile I was as insecure as anyone. I was totally fake, inauthentic, not real, I was a façade, I was a house of cards. I was insecure and had a victim mindset, I was pure potential unrealized, I would distract myself by drinking alcohol to avoid pain.

I was trying to prove and show the world who I was in unhealthy ways, I looked for societal norms for answers. Of course, every time I did this it led to more and more suffering. I would go to random parking lots in my vehicle and start crying and crying with all this pain that was bottled inside of me. I battled through several neurosis. 

I started to get more and more courageous in looking for answers, I was listening to audio on my way home and the host of the podcast said “whatever you resist, will persist” and of course I started to resist this very statement by turning off the audio but then as I was about to turn off the audio, I had the courage to start really looking for answers.

I became more and more bold in pursuing truth and looking for answers on this journey we call life.

Then one day something magical happened, I was in my car and I heard the statement “YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS” and that’s when I had a direct glimpse into my true nature. Some people call this an enlightenment experience or spiritual experience where you have an ego dissolution.

It was complete and utter ecstasy, I felt a deep connection with all human beings- there was just a deep love and connection with everyone. I was completely grounded in the present moment, I realized at that moment how funny everything I thought was important was in reality just an illusion of the ego. It felt like a million thoughts were just rapidly coming and going, and I realized I was pure consciousness. I remember just having this incredible energy where getting “enough” rest was not important, everything was at ease and all of life was perfect. I remember doing the dishes and completely enjoying doing the dishes something I hated doing previously was now the most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my whole entire life.

Out of ignorance I thought that this state would just last forever, this pure being of consciousness would continue on. After a few days, as soon as it came it left. It was something that I will never forget and also has led me on my spiritual and transformational path.

I was left with several deep insights after this experience. One of them is that pain is your catalyst for personal evolution and pain is very intelligent and if you listen to it you can change your life.

On this journey I have realized many things, and I continually am growing, expanding, and evolving as a human being. I am the proverbial personal development junkie always pursuing truth, knowledge and learning to develop myself in the most sustainable way possible. I started to believe in myself, that I deserve to be here, and that I can direct my life as I see fit, to be a self-actualized human being.

I noticed more and more that I am able to help, motivate, and inspire fellow human beings. Often times I get in the flow state and just ramble off words that come from spirit and not me. In this process I just talk what’s on my mind, and people feel deeply transformed after me speaking. I realized how much I have a passion for evolving myself to become the absolute best version of myself and how I love sharing this passion with others. I am a lifelong learner, I am always growing and expanding. I have learned that it is crucial to be open minded and receptive when you are wanting to grow.

So this is where I am at now, I am driven towards helping people develop themselves as human being to become their strongest selves. I want to be a beacon of light for other human beings-not in some sort of dogmatic way but rather showing through my own embodiment of what lies deep within. Being the change, I want to see in the World as Gandhi once said. To become more compassionate, more loving, and to provide extreme value as a Coach.


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